As we mentioned, in the post about the new identity Sifter lives in a digital world, and there’s few opportunities to create something that people can touch. So when we get those opportunities, we want to focus on craft, both ours and others. These cards are a simple manifestations of that. There’s not much to them on the surface, but there’s some deliberate meaning and purpose behind them from our side.

The cards were created by Evan Calkins of Hoban Press. It’s always nice to send work to people who care deeply about their craft, and we couldn’t be happier with the results. If you’re interested, you can see Evan at work in this video.

A photo of the front and back of the Sifter cards.
1 Our simple letterpress cards made from 220lb stock.
  • No digital printing here. Sifter’s digital enough. We want to make some real hand-crafted things and work with people that love making those things. Letterpress was the only way to go.
  • They aren’t traditional business cards. We didn’t want typical business cards with personal contact info and all of that. We’re easy to get in touch with, and it’s not really about us. It’s about a product for our customers.
  • They’re simple. Sifter’s simple, and so are the cards. They’re one color. They have minimal information and no clutter. All we included is what you need to know to learn about Sifter and/or get in touch with us.
  • They’re hand crafted by someone who cares about his work. It’s inspiring anytime someone cares deeply about what they do. Whenever someone takes the time to do things by hand instead of the fastest or cheapest way, that’s pretty cool.

On the surface, they’re just cards. However, like many of the side projects we’re enlisting outside help with, they were very carefully considered cards. It’s not often Sifter gets to exist in the real world, so we wanted to make sure that we did it right, and we feel like these are a great representation of our vision for the future of Sifter.

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