Whether you’re a customer looking to get the most out of Sifter or don’t need Sifter right now but think it might be helpful down the road, we have a few options for you to stay in the loop.

If you’re into Twitter, we hang out there @sifterapp. If you’re specifically interested in API information, you might want to follow @sifterapi as well.

Finally, if you’re like us and still love your feed reader, we have a blog feed and a changelog feed just for you. Well, you and everyone else that loves their feeds.

Just want to say howdy? You can send email to [email protected]. We’d love to hear from you, and we’re pretty snappy with our replies too.

Regardless of how you find yourself using it, you’re going to love it. Every client we’ve let in has, and we’ve let hundreds in by now. The focus the team gives Sifter really shows. Aaron Mentele, Partner, Electric Pulp

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