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Some Thoughts on Bug Tracking from our Blog…

We've put in the time researching bug tracking to help create the simplest possible workflow for you to get work done. From time-to-time we even blog about some of our ideas around this optimal bug tracking process…

  • Tagging is Dangerously Messy

    Tagging can work well for personal sites like bookmarking or photos, but when you introduce it into a group setting for software that tracks issues, things can get ugly.

  • Tips for Effectively Reporting Bugs and Issues

    Reporting bugs and issues is all about clear communication. It's difficult to know exactly what help, but there are some basic guidelines to keep in mind.

  • Tracking More than Bugs

    Software projects need to track more than bugs, and Sifter was explicitly designed to be flexible enough for tracking bugs, issues, questions, and just about anything you need.

  • Issues & Resolution Tracking

    It's easy to close issues, but by ensuring you and your team always enter detailed resolutions, you can make it easier on yourselves down the road.

  • Why "On Hold" is Evil

    It might be tempting to want to put issues "On Hold", but in reality, this is the digital equivalent of sweeping things under the rug. It will invariably come back to haunt you.

  • Bug & Issue Tracking

    For some large teams or huge software projects, complexity is a necessary evil, but for the vast majority of software projects simplicity is the key to productivity and participation.

What are folks saying about Sifter?

The design, execution, and support for @sifterapp is way ahead of what anyone else is doing. Without it, many lives would be worse off. Sean Cullen via Twitter
Continue to be impressed by quality of the @sifterapp issue tracker, devs pick it up instantly, lovely UI, great customer support. Jamie Bullock via Twitter
Really loving @sifterapp A great issue tracking app. Developers, check it out! Michael Bradley via Twitter
The people over at @sifterapp? They understand customer service. Sam Smith via Twitter
Impressed by first experience of support from @sifterapp Enjoying the product as well! Alan Wallace via Twitter
Super-impressed by both product and initial support from @sifterapp (bug and issue tracker) Jamie Bullock via Twitter
Just experienced good customer service from @sifterapp I love being a customer in those moments... Jeff Pierce via Twitter
We've just started using @sifterapp at @bold. I can't explain how nice Sifter has made tracking issues. Noah Stokes via Twitter
I love @sifterapp :) Customers get it without any explanation. Its just fun to use. Keep it lean and mean guys ;) Robert Curth via Twitter
Really digging @sifterapp. So much better than our previous issue tracker. Actually feels like we’re getting things done. Dave Barrett via Twitter
People love Sifter. And by people, I mean all of them. Every single user we’ve sent into the app has come out with unsolicited praise. Great work. Aaron Mentele of Electric Pulp via Twitter
I love software that I don't have to spend hours tutoring people how to use. Which is why I love @sifterapp-my non-techies just "get it" Martha Rotter via Twitter
Thanking @sifterapp (bug/issue tracker) for going out of their way to help me. Excellent customer service: speedy, personal, considerate. Emily via Twitter
Created issue #1000 today to a cheer from me and @ratrijs. Had a good time with @sifterapp. Recommended for clean and simple issue tracking. Mark via Twitter
Using while in the final stages of working on a friend’s website. This thing almost makes fixing bugs fun. Nathan Koch via Twitter
I'm enjoying using @sifterapp for issue management. It's simple and does what it's meant to. Toni Barrett via Twitter
Shout out for @sifterapp issue tracking. Been using it for 12 months at 'the day job' with 200~ users. Simple and effective. Great support. Mark via Twitter
I don't mind logging support calls now I have Sifter. Still hate resolving them though. Seems to be no feature for automatic resolution. Simon Young via Twitter
We're finally moving our projects to @sifterapp! It's a wonderfully straight-forward app, clearly built with care. Eoghan McCabe of Contrast via Twitter
I just want to note that @sifterapp makes me enjoy tracking bugs. Yeah, there, I said it. Ryan McGrath via Twitter
Wow @sifterapp have some great customer support. Tom Willmot via Twitter
As always @sifterapp support has been awesome!! Love that! Narayan Babu via Twitter
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