From the frozen tundra of Sioux Falls in South Dakota, Electric Pulp’s team of sixteen extremely talented folks have been building lovely things for the web since 1996 and for a rather distinguished list of clients no less. They specialize in transactional applications—ecommerce, bank systems, health data, etc.—and once in a while you might even stumble across a celebrity in their portfolio.

Sifter is a big part of our project cycle. We use it as a process landmark, first marking our move into QA and next letting our clients know that we’ve reached technical completion and are ready for them to dive in to look around.

We use Sifter pretty strictly. For us, it’s a bug tracker (as per the intention). We start out in Basecamp, a project management / collaboration app. We keep the revision requests inside that bubble. After launch, we move into a ticketing system since requests that filter in after we’ve gone through final QA are typically billable enhancements. It’s very important to us to differentiate that time in between. That’s when legitimate bugs are being reported and addressed.

Sifter helps our projects run more smoothly. Our clients don’t have to be confused about whether work is in or out of scope, whether it’s billable, or if it will get done. With Sifter, they can log issues and easily stay in the loop as we finish their project and move into the maintenance phase.

By the Numbers

  • Founded In 1996
  • Sifting Since 2008
  • Company Size 16 folks
  • Average Team Size 5 give or take
  • Projects Per Year 40 or so
  • Average Project Length about 90 days
Regardless of how you find yourself using it, you're going to love it. Every client we've let in has, and we've let hundreds in by now. The focus the team gives Sifter really shows.Aaron Mentele, Partner

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