Immediate Future

Tomorrow we’ll be releasing a redesigned and simplified dashboard page as well as a brand new page that lists your milestones for a given project. The primary goal with these updates is to reduce complexity and help you focus on getting in and getting to work.

A screenshot of the new dashboard.
1 The new dashboard is simpler and faster and is the first step in evolving towards Sifter 2.0.

The milestone listing is really just one small step towards some bigger plans for using milestones. We won’t talk too much about those plans, but we can say that this is just the beginning for milestones.

One other improvement is that larger accounts should begin to see significant performance improvements on the dashboard. Simplifying the interface enabled to us to really focus on loading everything efficiently. We’ll continue to tweak and improve it, but we’re confident that these updates will make a big difference.

A screenshot of the new dashboard.
2 The new milestone listing page is the first step towards milestones playing a more significant and natural role in Sifter.


Beyond that, we’re juggling several things. For the next week or so, we’ll be focusing on performance and maintenance improvements. We’re also continuing to work on the new design as well as API updates, and we hope to roll out some additional improvements from that as well. (For example, the issue detail page is a prime candidate for implementing the new design.)

However, the thing that we’re most excited about, though, is getting started on Beanstalk and GitHub integration. We don’t have an estimate on when it will be here, but it’s our biggest goal for the coming months.

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