It’s been a little while in the making, but today we’re officially launching the Sifter API. It’s focused and simple, but that’s where you come in. Instead of just developing and launching a massive API, we want to start small and see what you want and how you hope to use it. We’ll adapt accordingly.

For now, it’s read-only, and you should consider it to be beta because we’ll be evolving it and taking cues from the people using it. Write-access is definitely planned, but we think it’s best to take baby steps with something like this. We’re expecting that the feedback will inevitably lead to some tweaks and changes, so we don’t suggest doing anything absolutely critical just yet. We’ll do our best to communicate any changes in advance, but it still might lead to some hiccups.

Head on over and check out the documentation. We’ve setup a Twitter account dedicated to the API as well as a Google Group for feedback and open discussion.

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