After 4 months of beta testing, we’re ready to share it with everyone. It’s worth mentioning that we see this is the beginning rather than the end. Currently, Sifter is about 1/10 of what we see it ultimately becoming.

It’s been almost 11 full months since we set out to build a bug and issue tracking application, and there were 6 years of dreaming and contemplating before that. During that time, it almost got started a couple of times, but the stars were never aligned. Finally, they’re aligned, and everything has worked itself out.

Thanks. Seriously. Thank You.

Sifter wouldn’t be where it is without a lot of help from all of the beta testers. If you’ve ever sent us a suggestion, bug, or even just wrote to say thanks, we appreciate it. You helped us get Sifter to this point, and it’s not a lie to say we wouldn’t be where we are without that feedback.

For anybody that’s on a paying account, thank you for letting us know we’re not crazy for thinking Sifter is a viable business. Thanks to you, we’ll be profitable as soon as we launch, and that means a lot to us.

Finally, there’s a handful of people I’d like to thank personally for their direct involvement and help on this journey. (In alphabetical order.)

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