Images Only

For now, we’ve decided to limit attachments to images. Sifter is, first and foremost, a bug and issue tracker, and almost all of the requests for file uploading have centered around being able to add screenshots. So we’re going to continue to strive to keep it simple.

Multiple Images

Naturally, it’s no fun if you can only upload one image per issue or comment, so you’ll be able to upload 5 images at a time. More importantly, you can do it when you initially create the issue or when you add a comment. We’ll create cropped thumbnails and display them right inline with the issue.

Plans & Limits

The plans have been updated accordingly and range from 25 GB on the Large plan down to 1 GB on the personal plan. The demo plan, however, is limited to 50 MB of file storage for evaluation purposes. Unlike project limits, however, the files associated with archived projects will still count against your plan’s total file storage.

I also want to say thanks to all of our beta testers who have been waiting patiently for us to roll this out. I know we’re excited about it and looking forward to many more significant features in the coming months. Until then, we’re all ears for feedback and suggestions. Just swing by Get Satisfaction and let us know what’s on your mind.

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