Markdown & Previewing (Beta)

We’re starting a beta test of Markdown formatting and comment/issue previewing. While we’ve written exhaustive specs and done a lot of testing, this will have far-reaching impacts for everyone. If you’d just like early access, we suggest holding off until after the beta. If you’d like to help us track down and report unusual edge cases we’d love your help. So if that sounds like fun, let us know.

  • Previewing - Sifter can generate and display a preview of your issue description or comment body before you submit it.
  • Markdown - Sifter will support a basic subset of markdown. Bold, italics, lists, fenced (not indented) code blocks, inline code snippets, links, and blockquotes.

Inbound Email

Design Enhancements

  • Improved the filtered issue list summary to be more obvious when the list was filtered (and thus some issues were not being displayed) as well as show the total number of issues in the project to further clarify the degree of filtering. (Thanks, Drew M.)

Bug Fixes

  • Added a warning to the JavaScript console to limit the possibility of social engineering hacks
  • Fixed an XSS issue with project names on the milestone management page
  • Fixing a big where invoices with credits applied did not display the credit amount (Thanks again, Derk O.)
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