Big Improvements

  • Overhauled header & navigation
  • Overhauled notifications & alerts
  • Improved design of filtering and sorting menus
  • When viewing an issue, the issue attributes now scroll with you so they’re always visible
  • Improvements to user & organization management
  • Began improving Sifter for mobile devices (Dedicated mobile views are replacing our previous responsive approach.)

Minor Enhancements

  • Viewing issue details should be way faster for issues with lots of comments
  • Added issue counts to group headings on issue listing
  • Resetting filters on issue listing page no longer resets the sort direction too
  • Added a smart “Return to Issue List” link to the “Issues” menu
  • Improved email error handling does a better job notifying you if something goes wrong with an issue or comment sent via email
  • Sifter is fully HiDPI-friendly now as the last remaining archaic raster images have been replaced
  • Made lots of little things less crummy throughout Sifter (Mainly design and copywriting bits.)

Bug Fixes and Tweaks

  • Fixed a bug that made notifications with non-image files look pretty bad
  • Fixed a broken link to user profiles in the bouncing user notifications (Thanks to John S.)
  • Fixed a bug that interfered with adding companies to a project from the “People & Permissions” part of project settings
  • Major improvements to bounce handling to be more proactive and help address problems with less effort
  • Fixed a bug where a bad issue number in a comment could throw an exception
  • Hunkered down and fixed a small batch of extremely rare, shy, and sneaky exceptions tied to text formatting, URLs, Arabic characters, and the phase of the moon
  • Fixed a bug where deleted users just received a system error rather than “invalid username/password” error
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