What’s happening?

While most emails from Sifter are being delivered without problems, some notifications, usually shorter emails that only include information about updated status, priority, assignee, etc. are ending up in spam folders. While we haven’t been able to determine an exact cause, we are confident that only issue and comment notifications are affected.

We’ve been working with our transactional email provider, Postmark to extensively test our deliverability and make some extra upgrades to be sure that we’re in great shape as far as sending reputation goes. Postmark is also great about handling spam, and despite sending millions of emails, we’ve never had a notification reported as spam. We’re still working to solve the problem, but at this point, we need to enlist customer assistance to let Google know about the false positives.

How do we fix it?

There are a couple of key steps to help straighten this out and prevent Sifter notifications from accidentally ending up in your spam folder.

  1. If you use Google for email, check your spam folder. If there are notifications from Sifter, please flag them as not spam so that Google is aware of the false positives. It’s important to not that if you use multiple Google-backed email addresses and forward the emails from one to the other, your Sifter notifications may be caught in the spam filter of the first email address before being forwarded along.
  2. Add to your Google mail address book.
  3. Add a filter that ensures that emails from are never sent to spam.

We believe that things are getting better as we’re receiving fewer reports of missing notifications, but we also want to be sure that as few people as possible are affected. Of course, if you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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