We’ve put this redesign off for years, literally. We had the design finished well over a year ago, but we’ve been so focused on the application itself, we just never got around to it until we could justify it from a customer standpoint. So what’s new?

API Documentation

We’ve been working behind the scenes to lay the groundwork for significant improvements to the API, primarily write-access. However, the single page afterthought of a documentation site wasn’t going to cut it as the API grew. We needed to update the API documentation to bring it inline with where the API is heading.

A Blog and a Changelog

Sifter was founded on the concept of sharing and being very open with what we’re up to. Unfortunately, our previous CMS made blogging and comment management tedious at best. As a result, we didn’t. Now that we’re on Harmony, we can get back to our roots and keep you more informed.

In addition to a blog, we’ve also created a changelog so that you’ll know about new features as soon as they’re live. This will become even more useful as we really start going to town on our backlog.

Cut Down on Support Requests

As a result of the site being so out-dated, we received a not insignificant amount of support requests that could have been avoided if our site was current. It had definitely become a distraction, so we’ve made some significant updates to the site to help alleviate support requests and let us stay focused on improving the application.

Prepare for the Application Redesign

Finally, we wanted to get our hands dirty and start preparing for the eventual update to the application itself. Between HTML5, responsive design, optimizing for mobile devices, and exploring some other new techniques, we decided it was best to practice on the public site first. So make sure and check out the site on your mobile device. (You can also resize your browser window to get an approximate idea of what it looks like.)

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