Expanded Beta

Over 200 people have created accounts now, and hopefully, we’re just getting warmed up. We’re planning on sending out quite a few more invites and investing most of the remaining time until launch on testing, refining features, and making sure everything is solid for launch.


We’ve been getting by with a pretty basic server until now, but we upgraded so we’d be ready to handle more traffic when we launch. While the production server is important, we also invested some serious time in refining and automating our release process to minimize downtime. So now we’re all set with both our staging and production server.

Get Satisfaction

As the questions and suggestions start rolling in, we’re making more of an effort to move as much of the feedback as possible to Get Satsfaction. Naturally, you’re welcome to use any of the support channels, but the more we use a shared and public resource, the easier it is to help many people with the same questions. So, if you’re not using it yet, it’s a great tool, and we’d love to see more feedback coming n through there.

Another great feature of Get Satisfaction is that you can easily mark questions you have and suggestions that you agree with so that we can easily tell what the most popular topics and questions are. So if you’ve got feature requests, that’s definitely the place to start.

Launch Date

So, anything could happen, but I’ll be very shocked if Sifter doesn’t launch in November. The beta testing has gone incredibly well, and we’re successfully reaching all of our milestones at this point. We’d still rather hit a quality level than a release date, but we’re pretty comfortable with where things are at. So everything should be good to go in November.

File Uploading

The most requested feature has unsurprisingly been file uploading, and we’re planing on releasing it before we launch. It’s currently in progress, and while we have plenty of great suggestions and ideas for other features, file uploading is the only remaining feature we think we’ll squeeze in before launch. Of course, if you have questions or feature requests, we’d love to hear them over at Get Satsfaction.

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