A Vacation & Tornado

I worked a little less in June than anticipated because I took a week off to take one last vacation before being chained to Sifter for a while. We went to Colorado, and on our return trip, we had an encounter with a tornado. We’re still not sure if it was officially considered a tornado, but it was definitely the scariest thing I’ve ever encountered. The sunset afterwards was beautiful, but the truck was a little worse for the wear with about $2,200 worth of damage.

Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, SSL, Production Environment & Merchant Account

The primary goal this month was to get our merchant account up and running, and while it’s not officially approved, the application has been fired off. The prerequisites for the merchant account included getting a privacy policy, terms of service, and SSL in place, and we did just that. Again, they’re little things that seem trivial, but they sure managed to eat up a lot of time.

Public Site Design & Markup

Finally, I finished the visual design for the Sifter public site. The markup is complete, and the pages are all built out. Now we just need to add screenshots and screencasts once the app is “finished”.


We’re almost there. The application itself is feature complete, and I’m now spending the majority of my time testing and polishing for the beta. It’s been a long six months, but everything should be publicly available sometime in August.

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