It’s been a while since we offered up a proper status update, and unfortunately, that’s because there’s just not a lot of tangible and exciting news. However, now that the site’s up and things are starting to pick up steam, it’s time to share the latest news.

Launching the Company

The most significant progress is that we’re putting the finishing touches on the business formation. It’s one of those necessary evils that unfortunately takes some time and resources. However, it’s almost behind us, and we’ll be trucking along from here on out.

Of course, these days, every company has to have a web site and a blog, so I had to spend some time building this site. Going forward, it will serve as the new home for all of the juicy posts about the issue tracker and design decisions. I expect it will even go a bit further than that and provide a more interesting and creative outlet about design, business, and technology at large.

The Issue Tracker

Other than some additional design work and knocking out most of the front-end code, there hasn’t been a significant amount of exciting progress on the issue tracker. Fortunately, with the launching of this site, most of the ancillary tasks are wrapped up, and I’ll be spending almost all of my time from now until the end of March on the issue tracker.

A Little Travel

In the coming months, I’ll be heading to the Future of Web Apps in Miami, SXSW in Austin, and RailsConf in Portland. I probably won’t have anything exciting to share initially, but if you’re attending any of those, it would be great to meet you.

The Next Updates

We now have 3 different flavors of updates. For frequent micro-updates you can follow us on Twitter. If you’re more into RSS, you can subscribe to the blog feed for Next Update. Or, if you just want the big news, we’ve setup a proper email newsletter list that we’ll use to announce when the issue tracker is finished and open for business.

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