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  • Unlimited users - Paying extra for someone to help test for a single week doesn’t make sense. With Sifter, you never have to pay for more users, just active projects. Sifter is great for teams with less technical stakeholders, clients and business managers who participate and contribute.
  • Easy to use - Sifter skips redundant and ambiguous statuses so your team doesn’t need extensive software training, tutorials or documentation to make the right choices. It’s an easy to learn and simple alternative to complex issue trackers like Jira.
  • Works great with email - Creating and updating issues in Sifter is just as easy with email. Whether it’s adding attachments or setting an assignee or priority, team members barely have to log into Sifter.
  • All the features you need – For a full list of features, read on here.
Clients Love Sifter “Our clients love Sifter. Regardless of how you find yourself using it, you’re going to love it. Every client we’ve let in has, and we’ve let hundreds in by now. The focus the team gives Sifter really shows.” Aaron Mentele, Partner at Electric Pulp
Easy to use “I love software that I don’t have to spend hours tutoring people how to use. Which is why I love @sifterapp—my non-techies just ‘get it.’” Martha Rotter
Powerful “At Capterra, we use Sifter on a daily basis. I love how it's simple to use, yet powerful underneath. And, of course, the support at Sifter is second to none.” Paulo Gonzaga, Director, Capterra
Beautiful & Simple “Highly recommended. Beautiful product, created very intentionally to be simple and without feature bloat. Excellent for small and medium sized teams.” Ben Paul, Lead Quality Assurance Analyst at Niche

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