Developer API

Beta Disclaimer

The API is in beta. We want to make it awesome, but we feel like we need community feedback for that to happen. We can't imagine all of the possible ways that everyone wants to use it, so we felt that getting a limited API in your hands now was better than a perfect API. As a result, we've made some concessions so we could ship it.

  1. Read-only for now. Write-access is on the radar, but we wanted to remove the authentication factor from the mix and deliver a bare-bone data access API. The authentication aspect of Sifter will be particularly tricky, but we've got some ideas. (We're getting pretty close to opening up write-access.)
  2. Expect change. We're not saying that things will definitely change, but we're not saying that they won't either. We'll do our best to communicate those changes via the Sifter API account on Twitter and the Sifter API Google Group, but right now we're more focused on improving it than we are on getting it perfect out of the gate.

Long-term, we're serious about supporting a good API and the community around it. We'd love all of the feedback that you can muster.

About the Sifter API

If you look at a response, you may notice that we don't explicitly include ID's as a field. You might ask, "How am I supposed to construct URL's then?" The simple answer is that you shouldn't ever need to build URL's manually.

We explicitly include all of the relevant and available resource endpoints in the response. So you can simply follow those URL's and you won't ever need to build URL's yourself.

By taking this approach, we're future-proofing our resources and giving ourselves some flexibility with regards to changing URL's as the application grows and adapts.

{ "projects": [ { "name": "Elephant", "primary_company_name": "Apple", "archived": false, "url": "", "issues_url": "", "milestones_url": "", "api_url": "", "api_issues_url": "", "api_milestones_url": "", "api_categories_url": "", "api_people_url": "" }, { "name": "Zebra", "primary_company_name": "Google", "archived": true, "url": "", "issues_url": "", "milestones_url": "", "api_url": "", "api_issues_url": "", "api_milestones_url": "", "api_categories_url": "", "api_people_url": "" } ] }

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