This last week has been mainly focused on improving and adding some basic features to improve the overall experience of creating issues and comments with a touch of avatars sprinkled in to help make reading comments better.


  • Autosave - Sifter will automatically save all of the details of your new issues and comments for an hour so you don’t lose any work if you accidentally close the wrong tab or navigate away from a form.
  • Avatars - Phase 1 of Sifter’s avatar support is live using Gravatars. Future phases will bring more options.
  • Issue number autosuggest - Issue number references in issue descriptions or comments provide suggestions based on either the issue number or a keyword. ex. “#12” or “#login” will both auto-suggest issue links.


  • Username autosuggest - Improved to be easier to use and added avatars next to user names

Security & Bug Fixes

  • Issue links in notification emails are colored based on the issue’s status again
  • Form buttons in Internet Explorer now have higher contrast text
  • Fixed a bug where updating an issue status via extended commit message wouldn’t update the issue’s status if the command (‘resolved’, ‘closed’, etc.) ended up with a line break after it and before the issue number
  • Applied all of the Rails security updates
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