• Exclude closed issues by default when searching
  • Visually emphasize “New” buttons (New Issue, New Project, etc.)
  • Hiding audit trail changes on issue detail page by default. Clicking “Show Changes” displays them. This really cuts down on the noise for longer issues.
  • Improved “Delete Project” page
  • Zapier Integration. New issue zap. (In beta while we test it out. Visit your project integrations page to set it up.)
  • Sifter now accepts attachments via email (In beta while we uncover all of the edge cases in the wild, but generally working great. If you want to help test, just let us know.)


  • Improved email parsing for both quoted-printable and emails mis-reporting their encoding. The devil is definitely in the details.
  • Heartbleed related updates (This was fixed with all necessary updates made within 48 hours of its announcement. Just officially acknowledging it here.)
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