Account Management

  • Updated the plans page to be easier to use

Security Updates

  • Completed transition to Bcrypt for passwords


  • We now hide the issues menu item until you’ve been added to a project and, you know, have issues to see
  • Added some yellow-fade-technique to the project emails page for more easily identifying emails when linked from a “New Issue” page
  • Added additional filters to email receiving for handling more edge cases and correctly removing cruft from previous emails in replies
  • Sifter can now accept new issues via email without descriptions
  • Sweeping improvements to handling email encoding edge cases and being more forgiving when accepting issues and comments via email
  • Improved error handling around emails to do a better job communicating processing errors back to the sender

Bug Fixes

  • Hid the “All Projects” page for non-admins because it was the same as “My Open Projects”
  • Updated some confirmation messages to prevent them from being shown twice in a couple of spots
  • Updated confirmation messages to wrap more cleanly in cases where the message was very long
  • Fixed problem where category default assignees weren’t receiving notifications
  • Fixed a problem with session handling that was preventing some IE users from logging in
  • Fixed a problem where really long comments could break the notification recipient prediction
  • Improved attachment filename sanitation
  • Fixed some IE bugs that were causing text to overlap in some spots
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