Account Management

  • Transferring or closing an account now requires a password
  • New and improved payment information page making it easier and faster to add or replace a credit card
  • Closing an account does a better job of reminding you to export your data and making it clear that closing the account deletes it forever

Profile Changes

  • Created a centralized page for grabbing the email address for sending issues to any of your projects
  • Moved our GitHub profile integration to a dedicated page to show which of your email addresses Sifter will recognize for GitHub commits


  • Issue and comment notifications use the commenter’s name in the ‘From’ field rather than just saying they’re from Sifter
  • Made it more obvious and efficient to create new companies directly on the team page
  • Added logic to prevent two people from commenting at the same time. Now, if somebody adds a comment while you’re typing, Sifter will give you a heads up.
  • Recipient prediction! When adding a comment to an issue, Sifter now lets you know who will receive notifications so that you know whether or not you need to @mention someone in the comment
  • Added project name to issue page title for easier history searching
  • Added a site for help/support documentation making it easier to search for questions and answers without even needing to email us

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some typographical issues with issue notifications
  • Fixed a bug where changing an issue’s project wouldn’t work under some specific milestone circumstances
  • Fixed a handful notifications and confirmation messages won’t show up multiple times across different pages any more
  • Fixed some issues with navigation links on smaller screens
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