• Managing bounced emails should be a bit better for everyone. Simpler notifications and easier than ever to reactivate emails.
  • You can now move people between companies. (Now with 100% less needing to email support to do it for you.)
  • Filtering is about 20-40% faster depending on the number of issues in your account. (Unfortunately, this involved a tradeoff where search is a bit slower. We’re working on that, though.)
  • We now have an “Integrations” page under project settings. Paving the way for some great stuff here.
  • People and company management is much more pleasant. A little easier on the eyes and more organized for managing project access and the like.


  • Fixed recent activity and newest issues shortcuts in the issues drop down because the filtering updates kind of messed them up.
  • Disabled input fields no longer show the “Wait” cursor. (That was just silly. Sorry if you ever waited indefinitely for them to become enabled.)
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