Design & Usability

  • Cleaner & More Consistent Forms. Made a big pass to go through and cleanup small visual discrepancies between forms as well as making a handful of usability enhancements and improved cross-browser consistency.
  • Visual Design Enhancements. The design has been evolving towards a cleaner and simpler visual design. This release continues that and brings more of the elements inline with the new style. This includes things like simplified icons and general consistency updates throughout.
  • Updated confirmation messages. After creating new issues and comments, the confirmation messages now display the full issue subject in addition to the number and are much easier to read.

Issue Detail Page Refresh

  • Increased visual prominence of non-status attributes. The status bar is simplified, and it’s now much easier to scan other attributes such as priority, milestone, and assignees.
  • Accountability. Each issue attribute now anchors and highlights the associated comment and the person responsible for making the change.
  • Creating space. We have some improvements to notification management that needed some page real estate that the old design didn’t provide. This new design solves that problem.
  • Synced up notifications and comment display. The issue detail page comments now very closely mirror the new HTML email notifications. Which brings us to the next major improvement…

HTML Email Notifications

With our plans for notifications enhancements, text-based email notifications would have quickly become dominated by noise and links. For us to make these improvements and do it right, we had to go through the laborious task of migrating all of our notifications to HTML.

  • New Issue & Comment Notifications. In addition to formatting improvements and convenience links, we now include thumbnails and direct links to attachments in the notification emails.
  • All notifications are easier to read and digest. That’s kind of generic, but we’ve made sweeping improvements to all of the notifications that Sifter sends.
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