• Daily summaries are now setup to be sent out at 7:30am local time based on each user’s time zone setting
  • When changing an issue’s project, you can now update all attributes instead of only the attributes that don’t exist in the new project
  • Minor enhancements to the attachment viewing page
  • Updated daily summary design to be less noisy and instead focus on the activity aspect of each issue
  • Increased visibility of issue shortcut links in notifications
  • Removed the Sifter logo from notification emails to prevent distraction from the shortcut links
  • When viewing issues across all projects, you can now sort/group by project

Bug Fixes

  • Project switcher now always links to the correct place when switching projects
  • Fixed a bug where some error messages weren’t being displayed when changing an issue’s project
  • Fixed a bug where deleted projects or users could cause problems viewing the issue detail page
  • Fixed a Safari 6 rendering bug that appeared when hovering over the navigation menus
  • Fixed spacing issues around Beanstalk links for comments
  • Fixed a variety of HTML email notification bugs across several email clients
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