• Simplified data for issue listing so we show less noise and focus more on the most important bits
  • Added intelligent grouping of search/filtering results
  • Issue listing now shows which issues include attachments with the original issue (This doesn’t include subsequent attachments via comments)
  • Cleaned up activity listing view and improved performance
  • Updated the default of 50 issues per page to 100 issues per page to minimize paging (And still improved overall performance)
  • Average performance improvement of about 40% (Even more for larger accounts with more issues.)
  • Increased CSV export limit from 250 to 500 issues
  • Search results can now be sorted by more than relevance
  • Search results now display a portion of the relevant context
  • Issue listing can be sorted by milestone due dates
  • Improved sorting so that we intelligently apply relevant secondary and tertiary sorts behind the scenes

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a time zone issue that could include some issues older than 24 hours in daily summary emails
  • Improved messaging around administrative privileges
  • API now includes exact issue matches for search
  • Made inbound email more resilient when receiving mal-formatted email content
  • Fixed a CSS bug on the attachments page
  • Fixed a bug where removing everyone from a project would throw an exception
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