Inbound Email

  • Users can now create new issues via a dedicated email addresses for every user and every project
  • Users can initialize priority and assignee via email using hash tags
  • Added a link from the issue creation form to the instructions for using inbound email
  • Added downloadable vcards for each user/project email address to conveniently add the addresses to user address books
  • Added extensive instructional text on how to update attributes via email

Reply by Email

  • Users can now update status, priority, and assignee via email
  • Users can unassign issues via email replies

Email Error Handling

  • Users receive an error notification if the ‘from’ address they use cannot be found
  • Users receive an error notification if we’re unable to find an issue or project based on the ‘to’ address used
  • Users receive an error notification if they attempt to create or update an issue that belongs to an archived project
  • Users receive an error notification if the account is not active


  • Added created_at and updated_at time stamps to issue listing

Bug Fixes

  • Improved email parsing to more effectively parse emails and replies from Microsoft Outlook
  • Fixed a bug where users with bouncing email addresses were incorrectly reactivated
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