It’s tough to evaluate a product without taking it for a spin, but we’ll do our best to help you make a quick decision about whether or not Sifter might be a good fit for your team.

How does Sifter work?
Lookin' for a tour or screenshots? We'll break down all of Sifter's functionality and features so you can peek behind the curtains before taking it for a test drive.
Is Sifter right for your team?
We know Sifter can't be perfect for everyone, so we've put together an overview to help you get a good idea of whether Sifter's likely to be a good fit for your team.
Who's behind Sifter?
Founded in 2008, we're a small, profitable company that's obsessed with helping software teams improve the quality of their software.
Thanking @sifterapp for going out of their way to help me. Excellent customer service: speedy, personal, considerate. Emily Heath

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