New Feature

  • Added support for emoji in your comments. Now team members and clients can make punchlists fun again.
  • See a full list of emoji and emoji documentation by clicking the Formatting Tips in your comment box.
  • To use an emoji, type a colon (:) in an issue’s text box and start typing to search our emoji library. A tooltip will help you autocomplete your emoji.
  • To see all the emoji in Sifter, go to your Formatting Tips in the comment box. Hovering over an emoji will show you the text you need to use in your comment.

Big Improvements

  • If your last comment was private, your next comment will also be private by default.
  • The Daily Summary now includes issues without any category.
  • You can now edit an issue’s description after creating it (even if it was blank to begin with).
  • A comment edit will now update the issue’s attributes (last edited timestamp, etc).
  • Help tooltips now open in new tabs.

Bugs Squashed

  • Added a fix for new bitbucket payload.
  • Fixed an issue on mobile where users couldn’t edit a comment, make a private comment or preview comment.
  • Emoji will no longer truncate comments.
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