New Feature

  • Added Internal-Only Comments: This feature lets primary organization members communicate privately to efficiently manage tickets and collaborate on solutions. For client users, nothing is changed.
  • An Internal-Only checkbox will appear below a comment. Internal-only comments are highlighted in yellow, in both an issue’s comments section and any notification emails.
  • If both primary organization and client users are mentioned in an internal-only comment, follow the issue or comment on an issue, Sifter will update the We’ll Notify footer to show the users that will be notified of the Internal-Only Comment.
  • Mentions to users not in the primary organization will not complete or display in the user mention list.
  • To maintain integrity and privacy, past Internal-Only Comments cannot be unchecked and made public.

Big Improvements

  • Overhauled the way issues are created through email: now every project will have a single, shared email address available to anyone associated with the project.
  • Old personal project email addresses will still work, but the “Log Issues by Email” section of the “Emails & Notifications” tab will only display the shared project email address.
  • When you email a new issue to your project’s shared email address, make sure you’re sending it from the same email account as registered with Sifter.

Minor Enhancements

  • Now Category tags stand out to make your issue list more scannable.
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