There’s little we enjoy more than helping make testing and quality assurance easier for small teams, and, in particular, small teams with non-technical team members. But, don’t take our word for it. See what our customers are saying.

So @sifterapp is really rocking my day.Drew McLellan, Co-founder, edgeofmyseat/Perch
How I have never used @sifterapp before is beyond me. Amazing tool for issue tracking.Zach McNair
After trying out several bug tracking systems, we're using Sifter. It's very simple and streamlined. Alan Lawrance
Had a great chat with @garrettdimon of @sifterapp. One of the few providers who discusses and provides reasons for their implementations.Ed Francis
Regardless of how you find yourself using it, you’re going to love it. Every client we’ve let in has, and we’ve let hundreds in by now. The focus the team gives Sifter really shows. Aaron Mentele, Partner, Electric Pulp
Thanking @sifterapp for going out of their way to help me. Excellent customer service: speedy, personal, considerate. Emily Heath
At Capterra, we use Sifter on a daily basis. I love how it's simple to use, yet powerful underneath. And, of course, the support at Sifter is second to none. Paulo Gonzaga, Director, Capterra
Continue to be impressed by quality of the @sifterapp issue tracker. Devs pick it up instantly. Lovely UI. Great customer support. Jamie Bullock
Sifter is one of the most well thought out apps I've ever used. James Turnley, Project Manager, Filtro
Recently I had some non-tech-savvy clients logging issues. They found the whole thing easy to use and not once did I have to explain how to use Sifter. Thom Vincent
I love software that I don’t have to spend hours tutoring people how to use. Which is why I love @sifterapp—my non-techies just “get it.” Martha Rotter
We’ve just started using @sifterapp at @bold. I can’t explain how nice Sifter has made tracking issues. Noah Stokes, Partner, Bold
I just want to note that @sifterapp makes me enjoy tracking bugs. Ryan McGrath
Hands down, the best issue tracking app I've ever used. I love the workflow and the attention to detail on how to sort, search, and update issues. We use Sifter all the time with clients, many of them non-technical, and they just “get it” right out the gate. It's an invaluable tool in our arsenal. David Albert, Strategy and User Experience, GreyGoo
Filed a bug report with @sifterapp related to IE8. The creator responded and within 2 hours they had a patch ready for release. Awesome!Chad Northrup
Highly recommended. Beautiful product, created very intentionally to be simple and without feature bloat. Excellent for small and medium sized teams. Ben Paul, Lead Quality Assurance Analyst, Niche
The design, execution, and support for @sifterapp is way ahead of what anyone else is doing. Without it, many lives would be worse off. Sean Cullen
Getting clients involved in our quality assurance process is an integral part of our method at Happy Cog. With Sifter, it’s incredibly easy to collaborate with clients and keep them informed. That kind of transparency can give clients peace of mind to know the issues they’re tracking are being addressed. Mark Huot, Development Director, Happy Cog
I have used Sifter since 2010 in most of my projects. I recommend this to my fellow project manager associates. Best of all is the feedback I get from my designers. Its clear to everyone who “has the ball”, its simple, and gives an overview. They want this on all their projects. Ole Petter Hoel
I don’t mind logging support calls now I have Sifter. Still hate resolving them though. Seems to be no feature for automatic resolution… Simon Young
I love using Sifter. It allows me to manage and organize myself around the issues I need to do. The simplicity and ease of use of this application is wonderful. Issues don't get clustered in a hard to read format. Search and filtering of issues is excellent. I also love the daily summary report which shows me the work I did the previous day. Also of value to me is how I can track the history of an issue and all the train of thought that is attached to an issue. I totally love this application because it's so relevant and yet simple to use. Kurai Mombeshora, Business Analyst
I’m enjoying using @sifterapp for issue management. It’s simple and does what it’s meant to. Toni Barrett
Sifter is the glue that keeps us organized across all of our development work, and in our experience, the quality and responsiveness of their support is second only to our own. Adrian Sevitz, CTO, vzaar
One of the strongest points of Sifter is the simplicity and ease of use of the product. Compared to other issue trackers and bug systems you have almost no buttons, fields and things to configure. That's great, because it makes it extremely fast to do things and makes sure everybody puts everything is into Sifter. Mathijs Kadijk
Sifter is a clean and understandable system for my clients. They are able to add issues and request new features with little to no training on Sifter. Your product directly contributes to my bottom line and my client's satisfaction. Jonathan Bennett

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