Less configuring. More doing.

Sifter is explicitly designed to keep things simple with just enough options and flexibility.

Project Dashboard

Quickly get an overview of all projects and dive in for a deeper look.

  • Quickly dive into projects.
  • Get an overview of which projects need attention.

📅 Milestone Dashboard

Milestones are a big part of Sifter. Break projects down into due dates and keep track of the overall progress towards each milestone.

  • Status bars help you quickly gauge the progress for different batches of issues.
  • Issue counts provide insight and shortcuts to the most pressing issues.

Issue Listing

Filter and sort your issues so you only have to see the work you need to do right now.

  • Simple but powerful filtering lets you focus on you need to work on right now.
  • Sifter automatically remembers how your issues were filtered and always brings you back just the way you left it.
  • Easily create and bookmark lists of filtered lists of issues

📓 Issue Detail

The issue detail gives you all of the data about an issue in an easily digestible format.

  • Easily create links between related issues.
  • Audit trails ensure you always know who did what when.

📝 New Issue Form

Create issues quickly and easily without superfluous fields or data.

  • Short and to the point.
  • One Assignee. No passing the buck.
  • Use attachments for clarification.

🔎 Full Text Search

Need to find an issue? Sifter has full-text search and will look at the subject, description, and even the comments when you need to find an issue.


Daily Summary Emails

Automatically receive a daily summary of the previous day's activity every morning.


Create & Update Issues via Email

Sifter loves email.

  • Reassign, update the status, or just add some comments.
  • HTML Email notifications are easy to read, scan, and use.
  • View attachments directly from email notifications.

Make Issue Tracking Easy

👥 Increase Participation

Let's face it. It's hard work to convince the team to use an issue tracker. Between per-user fees, complexity, and apathy, it's an uphill battle. Sifter is designed to be simple enough for everyone to join in on the fun. There are never any per-user fees, and your team won't need training to use it. Participation is our killer feature.

Create and Update Issues via Email

Logging in and chiming in can often be tedious. Sifter integrates seamlessly with email so you don't always need to sign into the web site. Less friction means improved communication. You can't go wrong with that.

📝 Quickly Capture Issues

We've all seen them. Page long bug report forms that ask for 20 pieces of data and scare away all but the most intrepid bug reporters. The result? Fewer bugs are reported. Sifter keeps it short and sweet so everyone can effectively report bugs.

📥 Simplify Workflow

Even with the best intentions, workflow can become a bit overwhelming. Sifter is focused on a simple and flexible issue tracking workflow so that your team won't need training to get started.

🌄 Share Screenshots, Videos, and Files

Issues are more than text. You need to be able to easily attach relevant files in order to tell the whole story. With Sifter it's easy, and we even include convenient links and thumbnails to your attachments in email notifications. How's that for convenience?

📥 Easily Scan Issues

Issues have a lot of important data. Status. Priority. Assignee. There's a lot to it. Thankfully, Sifter emphasizes and conditionally styles the data so that you always know what's important at a glance.

Centralize Planning & Project Management

🔎 Easily Find Issues

Even if you have thousands of issues, Sifter's full-text search makes it trivial to find that old issue. You never need to worry about losing another issue or something slipping through the cracks again. Of course, in conjunction with the search, you can easily filter so that you only search through relevant issues.

👀 Filter Issues to Create Custom Views

With a lot of data to sift through, you'll undoubtedly need to use some filters to create custom views. Sifter's combination of searching, filtering, and sorting provide a perfect balance for organizing your lists.

🔖 Bookmark Frequently Used Filters

With countless filter options, you're sure to have a few go-to views to help you do your job. With Sifter, you can easily bookmark them for later. That should save some clicks!

Capture More than Issues

Sifter is more than bug tracking. Sifter flawlessly handles issues, tasks, action items, and questions in addition to bugs so that you're able to capture everything in a single searchable location. No more looking through multiple applications to find your data.

Easily Prioritize and Organize Issues

Projects, priorities, custom categories and milestone due dates set you up with all of the organizational tools you need to help make sure the right work gets done and done on time.

Manage Multiple Projects with Ease

Who works on just one project these days? Sifter's dashboard helps make it easy to quickly see project status for multiple projects and teams all from a single location.

📅 Stay on Track with Milestones and Due Dates

Sifter is pretty good at bug tracking, but it's not too shabby with new development either. Sifter lets you set due dates on groups of issues so that you can have smaller milestones within your projects. When they're overdue, Sifter will let you know.

Quickly Assess Milestone Progress

Of course, if you're using milestones, you'll need to be able to get a feel for progress and remaining work. So Sifter makes it easy to review milestones and determine how much you've accomplished as well as how much work is remaining.

Improve Communication

Easily Read HTML Notifications

Plain text is so 1996. Sifter only sends the finest HTML email notifications and is designed to be judicious and smart about email notifications. You can always be confident that if you're receiving an email from Sifter, it's about an issue that involves you.

Stay in the Loop with Daily Summaries

In addition to the instant email notifications for your issues, you can also choose to receive a daily summary that provides you with a complete list of all issues that were created or updated for your projects in the last 24 hours.

Elegant Bounce Handling

Typo in a new client's email address? Sifter has your back. If we ever encounter problems with a user's email address, our bounce handling notifies you right away so you can get back to work faster and with minimal interruption.

💬 Maintain Discussion Threads

Ever had to go back through your email to find that one approval? Sifter makes that unnecessary. Managing discussion threads in Sifter ensures that they're safely stored in a central location and available to the entire team today, tomorrow, and forever.

Always Have the Answers

👤 Know Who's Responsible

Sifter ensures that there's never any question about responsibility. Accountability is designed into every part of Sifter from assignees to comments. So not only do you know who should be doing the work, you know who decided that they should do the work.

Record Resolutions for Future Reference

Resolutions can be a finicky thing. We change our minds. More information comes a long. Projects evolve. Invariably, we all need to look back once in a while, and Sifter handles resolution tracking with incredible agility. It's always there and easy to find.

📓 Track Changes

Issue changes. Maybe a client sets every issue to the highest priority. No worries. Every issue maintains a full trail of who did or said what at what time. Never wonder who changed that status or priority again.

📁 Hang on to Old Projects

History always repeats itself, right? Every now and then, you need to refer to a previous project. With Sifter, you never need to delete old projects. You can archive them and come back to them later if you need them.

Solid Underlying Technology

Integrate with Other Tools

We use other tools, and we know you do as well. You can use the Sifter API to integrate with your other development tools or take advantage of existing integrations with more on the way.

🔒 Keep Your Data Safe

We're serious about security. Sifter is only accessible over SSL. We use HSTS and secure cookies, and we maintain exhaustive backups both on and off-site.

Highly Available & Reliable Hosting

With Sifter, you never have to worry about managing servers or keeping them online. We run high availability environment and take even a minute of downtime seriously. Want to know more? You can review our uptime history any time.

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