Refund Policy

Our refund policy is simple. We want you to be happy, or we don't want your money. If you're not satisfied with Sifter and let us know within 30 days of an invoice, we'll give you your money back. All that we ask in return is that you share some insight to help us understand how we could have done better. It doesn't have to be a much. A sentence or two is great, but if you want to write an essay, we're all ears.

Beyond the official refund policy, we know it can be useful to understand how Sifter handles trials and billing…

  • All accounts start with a 14-day free trial. A few days before your trial ends, we'll notify you via email. If you need more time after the trial ends, we're more than happy to extend it. Just ask.
  • You can easily cancel anytime. (4 clicks to be precise.) We've designed this to be incredibly easy because it's more secure than email, phone, fax or letter, and honestly, it's less work for you. So please understand why we cannot accept cancellations via other methods.
  • If you sign up for a free trial and do not upgrade to a paying account at the end of the trial, all of your account’s features will be disabled except for the account management and data export functionality. (You always have access to your data.)
  • If you signup for a free trial and do not upgrade to a paying account within 30 days of the end of the free trial, Next Update reserves the right to delete your account and all associated data. We will send you notification that your account and all data will be deleted 14 days prior to deleting the account.
  • Sifter bills in advance of a given billing cycle, and we don't pro-rate or do partial months.